Webinar Wednesdays – NEW TOPIC – Dr. Bob Nelson Presents Strategies for Better Engaging Your Employees

Help people do better what they do best.” This advice from Bob Nelson reminds organizations that when workers are engaged, there’s a big advantage. But Gallup places the number of engaged employees nationwide at a low 32 percent. The rest? They’re uninvolved, unenthused and uncommitted to their jobs or workplaces.

One manager (you!) can change this.

Join us for an amazing one-hour Webinar as Dr. Bob Nelson, best-selling author of 1,001 Ways to Engage Employees, explores the top drivers of employee engagement. Sign up now! Find out what top organizations are doing to get the best from employees.

A look at some of the highlights of this special online presentation:

  • What matters most to workers: A look at the research
  • How to effectively build trusting relationships where expectations are clear
  • Ways to give thanks and recognition so it affects performanceemployee engagement, employee experience
  • The role communication plays in employee engagement
  • Best practices, lessons and ideas from the leading organizations today


Show Me How to Keep My Employees Engaged! 

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