Webinar Wednesday – NEW TOPIC – Show and Sell: 7 Secrets to Excel® Data Presentation

Data has the power to convince. But for that to happen, it has to be clear and visually powerful. You need charts and graphs that show the story. And in today’s need-it-yesterday, zettabyte-filled workplace, simplifying mountains of statistics takes planning and know-how. That’s why we created this webinar to give you seven secrets to Excel® Data Presentation!

Set yourself apart by becoming adept at translating data into the actionable information needed for today’s fast-paced decision making. Whether your information is transactional or geographical … this Webinar will make you the go-to person who makes the impossible possible. Register now and, in one hour, learn how easy it is to simplify and present complex data … so everyone sees it clearly.

In this one-hour session you’ll learn:

  • What to consider before you start organizing your data
  • The secret “helper” columns professionals use to prep the data
  • The best type of visualization and how to avoid amateur mistakes
  • How infographics can make your presentation more powerful
  • How to customize the output so your message and results are clear
  • Make your information accessible to people with disabilities so you’re Section 508 compliant
  • Save unnecessary manual updating down the line by creating dynamic reports


Show Me How to Turn My Data Into Action! 

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