Webinar Wednesday – GREAT NEW TOPIC – Navigating Gossip and Grapevines in the Workplace

People talk. And while speculation about a new boss, a merger or new products is common and even healthy, gossip can get more personal and more damaging. And sometimes, if the chatter is about you, it can be isolating and hurtful.

What can you do … short of simply ignoring everyone around you and being out of the loop completely?

Join us for a new, one-hour Webinar to find out. Know how to steer clear of damaging workplace gossip. Get tips on what to say to address it … or shut it down completely. Even find out how to use it to your advantage. When office chatter crosses the line, starts inhibiting your productivity or makes you uncomfortable, know what to do.


A few of the discussion points:

  • “Did you hear about …?” The perilous trap that gossip sets and its damaging effects if it catches you
  • It’s not all bad: The positive side of gossip
  • How to gracefully sidestep getting sucked into gossip yourself
  • When gossip crosses the line into harassment and what to do
  • How to tactfully get the truth out on the table
  • Confronting someone who is spreading rumors about you
  • Using the grapevine to your advantage


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