Webinar Wednesday – BRAND NEW – Speaking Up at Work to Manage Unrealistic Expectations

When asked to do the impossible at work, you agree—and, even worse, you succeed! You’ve succeeded in setting up a situation where you need to better manage unrealistic expectations on how much you can get done at work.

For instance, you beat a client’s pressing deadline, battle a mountain of work, navigate the unfamiliar project of a vacationing colleague. Your reward: Unreasonable time frames, growing workloads and special requests become the norm. Can you keep this up? Do you have a choice?

Yes, if you make your limits clear.

Companies value productive employees who move outside comfort zones, grow and succeed. But we all have breaking points … when we’ve agreed to more than we can deliver. Believe it or not, everyone benefits when you speak up. Register now for this inspiring, new one-hour Webinar on how to identify and communicate your work boundaries. You’ll find out how to set reasonable limits and control pie-in-the-sky expectations.

A few Unrealistic Expectations Webinar highlights:

  • Make the crucial distinction between high standards or stretch goals and unrealistic ones
  • Distinguish between what’s within your control and what’s not
  • How to diplomatically communicate and help others see when expectations are unrealistic
  • Establish and share boundaries so others know exactly when you are available, what your timetable is and how flexible you can be when things get crazy
  • When in doubt … ask! Use smart questions and timely communication to clarify expectations and remove assumptions
  • Get to the root of someone else’s unrealistic expectations: What’s really driving their behavior?
  • Build a partnership with others to create an environment of respect and support
  • Anticipate problems and prepare contingency plans
  • Conduct ongoing post-mortem meetings to be sure you continue to manage and meet others’ expectations


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