Webinar Wednesday – NEW – Strategies to Tame Incivility and Increase Cooperation


Rudeness at work is a dangerous thing—and can be expensive. As the boss, you don’t really want to be in the middle of every little etiquette breach. Things such as who talked over a colleague in a meeting, who didn’t respond to emails, or who took the last cup of coffee, etc. Employees are adults and cooperation between each other should be the norm and not the exception.

These slights might seem trivial, but research shows us they are not harmless. Experts tell us that steady, low-level unpleasantness at work leads to lower job satisfaction and productivity if left unchecked. Workers retaliate. Incivility escalates. Eventually, cooperation walks out the door. And customers notice rudeness between workers and take their business elsewhere.

Don’t let this happen. Intervene. Create a culture of mutual respect, cooperation and courtesy. Sign up for Strategies to Tame Incivility and Increase Cooperation, a one-hour Webinar for managers, supervisors and HR professionals today! In just 60 fast-paced minutes, you’ll learn to see early warning signs of incivility and how to put a check on the destructive behavior before it goes too far.

Just a few of the key learning points to increase cooperation at work:

  • Assess your workplace: Does your company have a culture of incivility?
  • Help employees recognize incivility in themselves and others
  • Set organization-wide expectations of civility and cooperation
  • Help employees identify conscious and unconscious biases that contribute to workplace incivility
  • Teach employees to assertively address rude behavior and redirect communication
  • Arm staff with conflict-defusing and conflict management techniques
  • Facilitate a “thrive rather than survive” mindset where employees are fully engaged and passionate about their work
  • Create and embody a vision of a civil, cooperative workplace

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