Webinar Wednesday – LAST CHANCE – The Basics of Finance: A Crash Course for Non-financial Professionals

Have you ever been sitting in a meeting when the discussion turns to finance and you realize that everyone around the table might as well be speaking Latin because you have NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT???

We get it … finance may not be your thing, but you find yourself in more and more situations where the discussion turns to “the numbers.” Spreadsheets, depreciation and ratios—all terms you’ve heard. But do you understand the roles they play in the bottom line well enough to fully engage in those discussions? Or do you sit there in a panic that your boss might actually call on you with a question? So tell me … is it worth an hour of your time to catch up to speed on financial terms so you can at least give educated answers to business questions?

Look, you don’t need an accounting degree to understand these things, but you do need a quick and easy way of getting a fundamental understanding of business finance. It can’t do anything but increase your professional value. A clear understanding of financial reports and accounting will enable you to interact with confidence. This straightforward, plain-English course can give you that confidence. Enroll in this information-packed Webinar today! But hurry, the webinar is coming at the end of January and you don’t want to miss out!

In one fast-paced hour, you’ll learn the basics of finance:

  • The language of financial statements and how to read them like a pro
  • The golden rules of accrual-based accounting and how they give you a more accurate view of your revenue and expenses
  • The difference between capital expenditures and expenses
  • The secrets of depreciation and how it can benefit you
  • Tracking the value of your money—even money from the future
  • The most important financial ratios and how to calculate them

Help Me Learn the  Basics of Finance and Make Me a More Complete and Well-rounded Professional! 

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