Webinar Wednesday – Employee Development Plans 101

Ignoring employee development has a huge price tag: Good people leave.

For most managers, it’s hard to carve out one-on-one time to understand where each employee can stretch to meet organizational or personal career goals. But talented workers want to grow … to learn … to move up. Without this plan, skills become obsolete, employees get bored and once innovative organizations lose steam.

Make your employees’ growth a priority. Employee Development Plans 101 is a one-hour Webinar that’ll make development planning easier. Know what to include and get tips on how to assess employees’ weaknesses, strengths and interests. Then chart a course for unstoppable growth. Sign up now!

Just take a look at all you’ll learn about employee development plans:

  • The basics of employee development plans: Why they’re important
  • Setting the stage for future success: What should be included in growth plans
  • Identifying employee weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • Tailoring jobs to your employees’ unique skill sets
  • The role of peer coaching and mentoring in skill improvement
  • Designing a sufficiently challenging but still achievable development plan for each employee
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting plans as needed
  • Recognizing success and improvement in your team


Help Me Help My Employees Grow!



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  1. Diana Castrillon

    I trended a seminar in Henderson, NV last month. I was told about the Star12 program for $349.00 I misplaced the paper and how to enroll. Can you please send me the information as to how to enroll?

    1. Dan Rose

      Good morning, Diana. Sorry I couldn’t answer until this morning, but we don’t monitor this part of our site on the weekends. As far as the STAR12 special, you should call our customer service department at 1-800-873-7545 and let them know you want the special $349 price. That is a special in-seminar discount we give to our attendees and not available through regular channels. Talk to them about it and I’m positive they can get you hooked up within a few minutes. Thank you so much for being a customer and I can guarantee you that you will LOVE being a STAR12 member.

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