Webinar Wednesday – NEW – Dealing With Bullies in the Workplace

Workplace bullying is extremely common and if it’s happening to you, it could be affecting your confidence, your health and your work. Bullies at work are no laughing matter.

  • A co-worker habitually makes negative comments about your work
  • You’re omitted from team emails causing you to miss updates and meetings
  • A superior sets impossible deadlines or screams profanity in front of colleagues

If you’re the target of an office bully, you’re not alone. And it says nothing about you or your work. An organization’s best workers are often targets. Don’t let this happen to you.

Know how to respond when you’re the victim of workplace bullying. Dealing With Bullies in the Workplace, a new one-hour Webinar, gives you step-by-step advice on how to put a stop to the abuse … the right way.

A look at what you’ll learn about bullies:

  • Signs of bullying—what to look for
  • What to do when the bully is in a position of authority
  • Non-confrontational approaches to resolve bullying behavior
  • When all else fails: How to confront bullies calmly and confidently
  • How to protect yourself by documenting incidents
  • When to involve management and HR
  • What to do when you see another employee being bullied or harassed
  • Dealing with emotional fallout and how to get back on track
  • Model positive behavior: How you can contribute to creating a civilized, bully-free workplace

Help Me Deal With Abusive Behavior at Work!


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