Webinar Wednesday – Legally Sound Employee Discipline

Employee discipline has the potential to turn bad … fast. Emotions can escalate. Relationships can deteriorate. And worse, even if you’re disciplining for the right reasons, if you handle it wrong—word things incorrectly, document poorly, show inconsistency—you can be sued.

But when an employee’s off track, you can’t just sit back. The consequences of not taking action are equally bad—and morale across your whole team could plummet.

Legally Sound Employee Discipline is a hard-hitting one-hour Webinar that gives you the blueprint you need to discipline employees’ bad behavior fairly and lawfully. Make the discipline process as quick and painless as possible without fear of legal repercussions. Enroll now!

A look at what you’ll learn about employee discipline:

  • Employment Law 101: Legal implications when disciplining an employee
  • Identifying when not to discipline and go right to termination
  • Recognizing the differences between a discipline conference, a coaching meeting and other intervention strategies—and how to use each one appropriately
  • Writing a good warning: It’s personal, so make it personal
  • A step-by-step checklist for conducting an effective—and legally sound—discipline session
  • Specific strategies for handling crying, anger, denial and other employee reactions
  • Innovative techniques that work when traditional approaches to discipline don’t get results

Help Me Learn to Discipline Troubled Employees Better!


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