Webinar Wednesday – Last Chance – Defeating Negativity in the Workplace

(Time is running out to sign up for this terrific September webinar that will make your work life better by giving you the secrets to dealing with negativity.)


Even the most employee-oriented workplace has its ups and downs when it comes to negative attitudes. But when your co-workers or employees habitually complain, mumble criticisms under their breath or spread rumors or gossip, what do you do? Start applying the real solutions you’ll find in this Webinar … designed for the real challenges you face dealing with negativity on the job.

Negativity is a serious business issue—which is why every professional needs a strategy for dealing with it. After just one hour, you’ll approach negativity differently because you’ll understand it better … be able to recognize it … know how to respond to it—and even prevent it. No matter where the bad vibes are coming from, you can’t afford to stand by and do nothing. By applying the hand-picked skills and approaches you’ll learn in this training, your success in defeating negativity in others is virtually guaranteed.

Take a look at just some of the things you’ll learn about dealing with negativity:

  • Where does negative thinking come from?
  • The 10 warning signs of excessive negativity in an organization
  • How to distinguish true negativity from thoughtful, productive “what might go wrong” contingency thinking
  • How to survive (even thrive) in a negative work environment
  • Coping strategies for dealing with chronically negative people
  • What you can do to be a catalyst for positive change in a negatively charged organization
  • How to establish a positive work culture that encourages optimism and mutual support for correcting negative patterns
  • How to cultivate the qualities of a positive personality


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