4 of the Best Ways to Inspire Innovation

Leaders that work in the creative or technical fields can benefit from developing a positive workplace and inspire innovation among staff members. When people feel their ideas are supported by their managers, they are better able to provide compelling work and attribute to the company’s growth.

Here are a few tips to encourage employees and inspire innovation in the workplace:

Encourage Curiosity 

In an article for The Wall Street Journal, leadership expert Michael Fullilove suggests managers take inspiration from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who encouraged his team to be curious about the world around them. Fullilove recommended leaders remind staff to seek intelligence in everyday things and co-workers. Managers may also establish teams of employees to work on a single problem. Doing so can provide multiple insights, which can lead to more creativity.

Challenge Employees

On the same note, encouraging workers to move beyond their comfort zone can help employees think outside the box and lead to personal growth. When managers ask staff to look beyond their normal way of thinking, it can inspire employees to take a leap of faith with an offbeat idea.

Show Passion Daily 

Employees take their cue from their leaders. If managers do not display passion for the project or for their job, workers won’t either. Entrepreneur.com recommends leaders show they have a vision for the workplace or for a project through their actions. When there is a long-term project, inspiring staff along the way can be difficult. Taking small steps through every day encouragement can assist employees in staying focused on a large project and lead to innovation that may improve the project in the long term.

Listen to Every Idea 

Creativity doesn’t get too far when employees don’t feel supported in the workplace. Staying positive and providing constructive feedback on every idea, even if it may not usable, can encourage workers to speak their mind. When an employee feels as if their idea won’t be heard, they stop communicating. They’ll remain quiet even if they have a creative thought that will benefit a project. Communicating and listening leads to innovation.

Sometimes, inspiring employees to be creative in the workplace may mean investing in business communication seminars. Such seminars can help leaders ignite innovation among workers and show they value creativity among staff.

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