4 Terrific Ways to Create Astonishing Customer Interactions

Customer service is a key part of how any business builds strong client relationships and positive brand rapport. There are multiple parts of great customer service to keep in mind, and business communication seminars can help professionals learn how to better communicate with valued clients.

Companies benefit from a strong customer service department because representatives are in direct communication with clients. This allows for feedback and highlights areas of improvement for the organization to work on.

Here are four ways to fully utilize customer service departments and create better customer interactions:

  1. Align management and support initiatives

If businesses aren’t run well internally, they will fail when it comes time to communicate with clients. The Marketing Donut, an online British marketing resource, suggests companies take the time to align the type of service and support with the promises and commitments being made in other departments of the company. If you guarantee something but don’t deliver on it, you’ll likely anger your customer. The result may be hesitation to do business with your brand again.

  1. Equip staff with necessary resources and authority 

An empowered staff will work more efficiently and be proud of the work they do. The Marketing Donut says to offer strong, yet supportive leaders who will help employees and give clear instructions.  Give your people on the phones or on social media the authority to make immediate decisions on non-critical problems in favor of the customer. Your staff will feel engaged and vested while your customers will like getting resolution to their problems immediately. And, without the dreaded, “Let me speak with my manager” comment. Argh!

  1. Connect with each individual caller

While it seems like every caller is the same, frustrated person on the other end, engaging in personal and meaningful conversation makes a difference. Train your reps on small talk and how to engage the other person. Your personal version of, “What’s bothering you?” is the best conversation starter of all. In addition, it’s just as powerful on the phone or over social media. Use it. Adapt it.

  1. Offer various modes of communication

For many smaller companies, especially, talking to clients on the phone is the most obvious part of customer service. However, if you’re not exploiting the immediacy of social media, you’re falling behind. At a recent social media marketing seminar, a few attendees stunned me by saying they did not have a company web site. Several more people told me that they ONLY had a web site and no social media channels to interact with. No matter what industry you’re in, your customers are probably on social media. And so is your competition. It’s time to make the plunge. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard to do as you might think.


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