4 Awesome Little Presentation Tips That Will Really Engage Your Audience

From classroom lectures to sales pitches … panel discussions to a presidential speech … you’ve undoubtedly had the opportunity to be in the audience of a powerful presentation or two. You probably witnessed one or two (or 100) talks that fell short. Ever stop to analyze what made the difference? Usually, it’s just a simple thing here or there, like certain little presentation tips.

The difference between good and great is usually these little presentation tips

A great presentation doesn’t necessarily give you more information. It isn’t always packed with details—in fact, many of my favorites were really very simple. There are three main differences between good and bad, or good and great. The first is the speaker … or, rather, the speaker’s confidence. Next, is his or her attention to the listeners. Third, the really good ones have mastered little presentation tips that make a huge difference.

Finding that confidence when you’re the presenter can help you wow people. Focusing your attention on your audience can help make you less self-conscious. Here are tips:

  1. Trust in yourself  

    You are speaking (or presenting) because you have information … information the audience wants … whether it’s your experience, your talent or your knowledge of the topic. You don’t need to unload every single detail on the topic. Trust yourself to filter out the clutter and give your audience the good stuff. Trust yourself. Be confident. You’re there for a reason.

  2. Practice.

    Script your presentation. Read through it to yourself and out loud many times. Record yourself or practice presenting it to someone. All this preparation will help make you more comfortable … more confident.

  3. Develop Audience rapport   

    Most people won’t remember the exact details of your presentation. They will remember you. How did you make them feel? Stop gathering content and spend more time getting comfortable talking to a roomful of people. Start with a greeting that sets the tone. (If you’re looking for actual opening presentation content, check 5 Powerful Ways to Open a Presentation.)Audiences judge you in the first 30 to 60 seconds, so put some time into your opening. If you give the same presentation more than once, it still needs to sound fresh and original each time. And, finally, remember to pause between elements.

  4. Stay completely focused  

    Focus on being less concerned with how you’re doing … and more focused on inspiring your audience. Concentrate on the moment. Breathe. Take your time. Your audience is your focus, so pay attention to them. Also, remember standing perfectly still while you speak can look awkward, so move around a little. Even if you’re behind a podium or seated, use a few arm movements. Lastly, ignore your inner voice—it can be distracting.

You can be an extraordinary presenter if you remember that every presentation is a performance. Like any good performer, smile and look the part. Be confident. Be enthusiastic about your topic. Focus on your audience. Use these little presentation tips. And, enjoy the moment.


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