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If you’re like most managers, every day you receive hundreds of new emails, memos, messages and reports. You can’t afford to spend a lot of time reviewing every single item, because you’d never get anything else done! So you understand the importance of communicating important information in a small window of time.

Business Writing Essentials, our best-selling Webinar, will teach you how to clean up your own writing by eliminating the nonessentials, boiling down and summarizing your message and presenting your information in the way that makes the most sense. You’ll even discover how to effectively use formatting to grab the attention of your readers! Don’t waste any more time! Act now! There is only a short time to register for this terrific event.  

A look at your 60-minute business writing agenda:

  • Prewriting to avoid forgetting crucial points
  • Knowing your audience: Avoiding jargon that could confuse or mislead them
  • Just the facts: Slashing unnecessary adjectives and adverbs
  • Essential tips for presenting complex information in a way that makes sense
  • Tips for eliminating monotony and keeping the reader’s attention
  • Quick and easy grammar rules you can’t afford to miss


Help Me Learn to Write More Effectively! 

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