WEBINAR WEDNESDAY – NEW – Managing With Resilience and Mental Toughness


Think about how often things don’t go as planned at work. At any moment, people make mistakes, clients change their minds, competitors and industries evolve, employees come and go. And, in most hyper-connected, contemporary organizations, you and your team are expected to respond to work demands anywhere, anytime and at a faster and faster pace. More and more, you’ve got to be able to roll with chaos or suffer the consequences—stress and burnout. It’s clear, you need mental toughness.

As a manager, your ability to bounce back, stay focused—and to help your team do the same—has never been more critical. Register now for our newest one-hour Webinar, Managing With Resilience and Mental Toughness and understand the behaviors that make you THE ROCK. You’ll learn how to best manage change, ambiguity, shifting priorities and the accompanying stress with techniques that help you calmly and wisely adapt to whatever comes your way.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • How to communicate and calm the fears of employees resistant to change
  • Maintain a poised and positive attitude—and encourage others to do so—even when frustration and emotions run high
  • Quickly identify positive, productive actions that will give some control and curb negative feelings
  • Maintain laser-like focus when multiple priorities and competing projects demand attention
  • Motivation strategies in a culture of change, ambiguity and shifting priorities
  • Self-nurturing and care tips to help you thrive in a pressure-heavy workplace

Q & A Session:  

Upon enrolling in the Webinar, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions via e-mail. Time permitting, your trainer will address questions from Webinar participants. Many questions will be addressed in the Webinar itself. Others will be addressed in the supporting materials that will be available exclusively to Webinar participants.


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