Why You Need To Fix Bad Communication Skills That Will Kill Your Career

Ever felt misunderstood? Ever left a conversation wondering just what it was you were supposed to do … or sent an email that no one responded to? Ever wish you had made a better first impression? Bad communication skills could be the problem.

Bad listening or speech habits easily slip into our communication over time. And they’re not easy to change—especially if you’re not aware you’re making them. Now consider how many times each day you communicate with co-workers, customers, bosses, vendors and others. That new habit of keeping your eyes on your phone while you’re listening can cause hard feelings and confusion. So can that hastily drafted email … or something as simple as your tone or body language.

Take the time to reset—to consider common bad communication habits and honestly self-assess. Breaking Bad Communication Habits is a one-hour Webinar designed to help you quickly take stock. Exceptional communication is just one bad habit away. Break it! Sign up today!


Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Credibility-killing blunders many people make without realizing it
  • How to ensure you make a positive first impression
  • The importance of listening in successful communication
  • Unclear or vague language and how to ensure your message is clear
  • Watching your tone: Making sure your tone isn’t misinterpreted
  • The secrets of successful email communication
  • Conquering your emotions, even when you’re losing your cool
  • The 5 most common nonverbal mistakes people make

Isn’t a better career worth one hour of your time? Is your credibility worth the 60 minutes you’ll spend with us learning these proven tips, tricks and strategies?  You bet it is!  Join us and enroll today!

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