Motivation Tricks To Get You Through Your Summertime Blues

Ohhhhhh my … you’re back at work after a three-day Memorial Day holiday weekend and you’re finding it rather difficult to stay motivated. For most everyone, Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer and the requisite fun, sun, vacation time and half-days on Fridays at work. This is the time of year when even 55-year olds start feeling like they’re teenagers again and want to basically veg-out anywhere but at the office. They need some motivation tricks to get through.


So, if you’re already suffering from your own summertime blues, how can you stay motivated at work? You might have found yourself staring out the window thinking about heading off for the lake this next weekend, or that family vacation to Boston your family has been planning since Christmas. Ten minutes later, you haven’t moved a muscle and your mind is blank. Well, except for realizing that a big chunk of your office is off this week.


Then, your phone suddenly rings and you’re instantly brought back to reality. You stare down at dozens of unanswered emails, mountains of work, and the phone is still ringing. With all the urgent work you have to tackle, you still can’t get motivated to jump in and get rolling.


Let’s face it, everyone has times when it seems like we can’t get motivated. It’s human nature, after all. And, summertime seems to make it a hundred times worse. If you’re going through a funk – don’t despair. Check out these quick motivation tips and you’ll be back to yourself in no time!


  • Change up your work environment.

    It might sound stupid, but just changing your working area can do wonders for your motivation. Hey, for many of us, our desks and cubicle walls look the same as they did five years ago when we started at the company. Time to put some new stuff up on your cubicle walls, add a plant, put a picture of the hunk from “Outlander” up or that really cute girl from that one show you binged in March. Reorganize your desk layout. A simple change could be just what you need to feel new … recharged … and energized.

  • Begin with the end in mind.

    If you’re in the midst of a repetitive or routine project, it’s easy to get pulled under by the ho-hum monotony. Before you start your day, remember why you are doing this project. Ask yourself, what’s the big picture? How will this project help me and my organization succeed? Then jump in.


  • Join teams, organizations and associations.

    As long as you aren’t overloading yourself with work, volunteer to be on a team or assist on a new project. It gives you a break from your daily routine. Often, during summer when 95 percent of the workforce takes most of their vacation time, work teams are desperate for bodies to help with projects. Their team will probably enjoy the influx of a new attitude and fresh set of eyes to energize them, too. Outside of work, find trade organizations or associations to hook up with. You’ll expand your network, plus gain new perspectives and more energy.


  • Schedule breaks.

    Like many busy people, you tend to work through your morning or afternoon breaks and then eat at your desk for lunch. While that’s OK to do every once in a while if you have a tight deadline, it’s bad when it becomes a habit. If you don’t already have a set break schedule, make one. Getting up from your space every few hours will do wonders for your mind. If you have a position where you have a set break schedule (like customer service), see if you can change it up or swap with someone else. A change of pace is enough to break from the cycle that’s keeping you down.

  • Plan a reward for yourself or your team.

    Reward yourself for meeting goals or getting projects done on time increase your motivation. The same goes for the work team you’re on. Treat yourself to a lunch or dinner out … take a team trip to the movies … or have everyone bring in a treat to share. There are tons of ideas for rewarding yourself or your team that will dramatically boost motivation and productivity.


  • Actually go home when you’re supposed to go home.

    The summer solstice is on June 20 this year, which means that is the day with the most daylight of the year. Throughout the summer, each day gets incrementally less sun, but if you get to work as the sun rises, but don’t get home until it sets, you’re spending way too much time at the office. In addition, we all tend to fudge with our work schedules when we get busy—especially if we aren’t on a time clock or filling out a time sheet for a client. With emails, GoToMeeting and Skype, it’s too easy to have a 24-hour workday. Set a realistic quitting time every day and stick to it whenever possible. Furthermore, don’t answer emails after 7 p.m. and take your weekends off as much as you can. You’ll feel more relaxed, and you’ll give your brain a chance to recharge with daily and weekly downtime.


These are just a few motivation tricks to help keep you motivated and on track at work. Are there any we didn’t cover that work for you? Let us know in the Comment section below and share the wealth with everyone. Now go out and make it a great day!

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