Webinar Wednesday – NEW – The Essentials of Collaborative Communication

The best work teams are diverse—pulling together people with different expertise and backgrounds. This diversity helps break down departmental silos, with each person approaching objectives from a different perspective, seeing unique obstacles and benefits. You want diversity. But with it almost certainly comes conflict. And that conflict can either spark innovation in the best work teams … or light the fuse that causes a bad team to explode.

Your team’s ability to collaborate—to communicate completely, influence others, tactfully disagree and maturely resolve conflict and compromise is critical. Ensure success. Enroll now in our all new, one-hour Webinar, The Essentials of Collaborative Communication. It’s full of hand-picked, high-level communication skills that are most valuable for collaboration. You’ll want your whole team in on this one—so they’re set up to thrive.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Discuss the importance of the free exchange of ideas and solutions.
  • Find out how to build relationships and support a collaborative physical and social environment
  • Recognize key communication skills for collaborating, especially active listening
  • Identify how to persuade and communicate in a way that motivates, inspires and sets up a win-win situation for the team
  • Make confrontation more effective and keep conflict from escalating by effectively diagnosing and managing situations
  • Explain how to give and receive criticism and feedback so it strengthens collaboration and leads to team success
  • What makes critical discussions go wrong and what you can do to ensure that they don’t, even when dealing with difficult personalities

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