Webinar Wednesday – NEW – Developing a Professional Presence

How much does it really matter what people think of you at work? After all, your competence and your character should speak for itself … right?

Possibly. But most people simply aren’t that objective. Clients, peers, bosses, employees and vendors all observe your work and behavior and make judgments about you, some unconsciously. These perceptions happen whether you care … or not. And small, intentional adjustments could change the way people see you.

Your professional image is one of the most valuable personal resources you have. It can make your day-to-day interactions with co-workers better, your relationships with clients stronger and plays a role in your movement up the corporate ladder. Be authentic. But safeguard your strong professional image. Register now for Developing a Professional Presence, a new, one-hour Webinar.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Model acceptable standards of contemporary business behavior
  • Eliminate—forever—power-robbing speech habits, words and gestures that shout “I’m a lightweight”
  • Develop the executive presence of a senior vice president—one that commands authority and respect
  • The role personal appearance plays in whether you’re taken seriously
  • How to convey confidence and inspire trust
  • Connect with senior management and manage up the leadership chain to gain support
  • Maintain composure and successfully handle awkward or difficult situations
  • How to make a stellar first impression
  • Find out how your voice can enhance—or undermine—your professional image and your career development
  • Avoid the most common workplace etiquette blunders

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