Webinar Wednesday Reminder — The Essentials of Management for First-time Managers

In case you might have missed this before, we wanted to let you know that this is your last week to sign up for one of our most critical can’t-miss webinars, The Essentials of Management for First-time Managers. It’s a how-to guide for first-time managers to avoid the mistakes inexperienced supervisors make when they do the scary (but exciting) move from being a team member to the boss.

Successful veteran managers know that management is about 20 percent skill and 80 percent building strong relationships. If you’re new to the game, juggling the needs of your subordinates, bosses and peers, on top of handling your new responsibilities flawlessly, can be stressful. And, diving in without any training is a one-way ticket to chaotic days full of stress and sleepless nights wondering what you did wrong.

Don’t miss this training! In just one hour, you’ll discover where most first-time managers mess up and how you can avoid hitting a major pothole in your career right off the bat. You’ll learn valuable strategies and techniques every successful leader needs to know: How to set the right tone starting out … how to motivate employees … how to efficiently navigate your new responsibilities … and how to ensure your success as a leader.

The key learning points in this eye-opening course:

  • Take the right first steps: Find out where you fit in the big picture and get your team’s attention
  • Get expert advice on how to be relaxed, a hero, a diplomat, a motivator … key characteristics for your new leadership role
  • Understand 9 different approaches to employee motivation and how to identify the employees who will respond to each kind
  • Learn 6 habits that build strong, cohesive teams that can overcome any challenge
  • Master vital time management practices that will help you juggle all the new tasks and practices now on your plate
  • Understand the best ways to get and keep your boss on your side

Help Me Become A More Confident Manager! 

Finally, if you’re a veteran manager who has seen and done it all, you know how important these skills and knowledge are.  If you know a first-time manager who could use this training – or even a somewhat experienced one that could use a refresher – pass this along to them so they can sign up before March 8, the day of the webinar.

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