Webinar Wednesday – NEW – Advanced Techniques for Microsoft® PowerPoint®

You’ve got the basics down. But face it—your presentations look a lot like everyone else’s—because most people know PowerPoint at a surface level.

Set your presentations apart … by mastering the full capabilities of PowerPoint.

Learn the tricks and shortcuts that will help you customize templates. Add animation or video to your slide decks. Find out how to make your presentations interactive using hyperlinks and action buttons. Explore these robust features—and more—by registering now for our brand-new 60-minute, step-by-step Webinar Advanced Techniques for Microsoft PowerPoint. Easily create stronger, more appealing graphics that grab your audience so they immediately “see” what you’re saying. Sign up now.

A few of the next-level topics you’ll cover:

  • Work more quickly and efficiently using design templates—slide masters and layouts
  • How to enhance presentations using SmartArt graphics
  • Manipulate and formulate custom artwork and graphics for special effects
  • Effectively use custom animations and transitions to add visual impact and deliver a more professional presentation
  • Successfully integrate audio and video media into your presentations
  • How to create a slide show with hyperlinks and action buttons
  • Tap into the notes and handouts features of PowerPoint
  • Collaborate, share and save presentations online with others
  • How to record a presentation
  • How to secure and broadcast a presentation

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