Webinar Wednesday – NEW – Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers and Supervisors

An important client makes a lewd comment in a meeting with your team. Everyone laughs uncomfortably and says nothing. Later, a woman on your team comes to your office upset by the remarks. As the manager, what should you have done?

Sexual harassment creeps into our workplaces. At the very least, it makes workers uncomfortable and takes the focus off of business. Then consider that three out of four employees who are harassed at work don’t even speak up out of fear of retaliation.
Roughly 7,000 sexual harassment charges are filed each year with the EEOC, resulting in millions of dollars in penalties. The cost gets even higher if you’re sued and you’ve done little to control it. And if you think having a formal written policy can keep you out of hot water, think again.
Training managers on prevention is a vital step in creating a harassment-free workplace. It can also limit your liability if you’re sued. Register now for Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers and Supervisors, a two-hour Webinar that will help you guide behavior, detect warning signs and know how to respond to a complaint. From recognizing behavior that crosses the line to knowing an employer’s responsibilities, you can train your entire management team in one convenient online event—and only pay for one Webinar connection. Check it out today!
SPECIAL NOTE FOR MANAGERS IN CALIFORNIA: We have a sexual harassment prevention webinar created just for you that details your unique challenges in regards to what behaviors constitute unlawful sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation under California’s AB1825, federal legislation and the courts. You’ll get all the same great content from our regular webinar, plus any California-based exceptions or additions. To check it out, click here.

A few of the hard-hitting topics covered:

  • Understand what behaviors the courts and the EEOC consider to be sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Learn how the EEOC now applies Title VII protection on the basis of sex and sexual harassment protections to LGBT-related cases
  • Recognize and understand how sexual harassment harms the victim, the harasser and the organization
  • Assess and reduce the risk factors for quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment
  • Differentiate between sexual harassment and behavior that’s simply in poor taste—and know how to respond to both
  • Assess practical examples of sexual harassment and determine how to prevent incidents of harassment, discrimination or retaliation before they occur
  • Know the legally required remedies and protections you need to make available to victims of sexual harassment
  • How to safely and legally investigate complaints without violating employee privacy rights

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