Webinar Wednesday – NEW – How to Comply With OSHA’s PPE and Respiratory Protection Standard

You ensure that your workers put on equipment to protect themselves from contaminated air, heat, infection or other hazards. But that’s not the end of your responsibility. The OSHA regulations that protect the health and safety of workers have evolved over time—with technological changes complicating and widening the scope even more. They include detailed expectations to prevent exposure and specific rules about equipment, cleaning, training and record keeping. And the penalties have changed as well—up 78 percent.

If protecting employees is your job, staying current on the OSHA rules is a big responsibility.


Every aspect of personal protective equipment and respiratory safety is highly regulated. Enroll in How to Comply With OSHA’s PPE and Respiratory Protection Standard, and let our expert trainer get you up to speed fast. This one-hour Webinar will review the critical details that will help keep your employees safe and make sure you’re compliant.

Highlights from this informative program:

  • Guidance on whether an employer can require an employee to provide and pay for his or her own PPE
  • 5 key employer obligations under the PPE standard
  • Requirements OSHA places on employees regarding PPE compliance
  • PPE and respiratory protection training, education and retraining requirements many employers neglect or overlook
  • Learn what an employer’s responsibilities are when an employee provides his or her own equipment
  • Identify the components of a PPE Hazard Assessment and Equipment selection
  • Understand what “voluntary use” really means with regard to respiratory protection and when it applies
  • Know and meet the 6 provisions of OSHA’s written respiratory protection program
  • Find out which of the 6 specific PPE standards apply to your worksite

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