Webinar Wednesday – NEW – Structured Thinking and Communication Skills

When trying to rally support for an idea, it’s natural for most of us to build our story by recounting supporting facts … finishing with the punch line “taa-daa, here’s my solution.” It’s also typical when we run into a problem—a client’s change of mind, a competitor’s latest maneuver—to grab for the quickest fix.

But these reactions don’t work in a fast-paced business world. Leaders (and your colleagues) are also working at top speed and need to quickly see your solutions … and then the supporting data. And while a problem does need a quick fix, speed needs to be matched with carefully weighed options. Higher-order thinking is demanded.

Structured Thinking and Communication Skills is our latest one-hour Webinar that teaches you how to be hypothesis-driven in your work. These high-level skills will help you organize your thoughts … and the facts … so you draw more accurate conclusions; make better, faster decisions; and sell your ideas—and yourself—with objective data. Work smarter with better results. Sign up now.


A few highlights of this breakthrough course:

  • Find out how being hypothesis-driven can make you more selective, efficient and effective in the work you do (and the work you don’t do)
  • Create and build support for the “controlling idea”
  • Understand how hypothesis-driven thinking and communication creates more efficient analysis, reduces message confusion and forces conclusion-oriented thinking
  • Be able to clearly identify the core analyses you need to support your story
  • Understand how to iteratively “sell” your story to stakeholders
  • Determine and apply an effective presentation structure to convey your story—your thoughts and ideas—in a compelling manner
  • Drive toward the “So what?”
  • How to identify and communicate situation, complication, question and resolution
  • Apply the Pyramid Principle and create presentations that anticipate and answer your audience’s questions quickly and effectively

Help Me Think More Analytically! 


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