Webinar Wednesday – NEW – The Basics of HR Metrics: How to Measure and Report Key Operational and Financial Information

Without HR metrics, you can’t know exactly how much it costs your organization to hire an employee. Or, how much money does that one employee generate? What’s your turnover rate … your tenure rate … and how does it compare to your industry as a whole?

The HR department of any company has access to lots of data … data that could be used by management to uncover weaknesses and make well-informed decisions. Your ability to put the right data in leaders’ hands when they need it depends on a consistent system of measuring what’s happening with your workers.
The Basics of HR Metrics is a new one-hour Webinar that will guide you when deciding what to measure, how to measure and how to keep your metrics evolving as your company changes. Enroll now and uncover the secrets in your HR data.

A glimpse at a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Learn the top 5 HR metrics that you should be tracking for your company
  • Understand the difference between measures and benchmarks for HR activities and which you should use
  • Learn the many sources for HR benchmarking data
  • Identify and use the metrics that are most meaningful for your company
  • Standardize your metrics calculations so you consistently compare “apples to apples”
  • Identify the HR metrics that your senior executives want to see
  • Find out how to compare your metrics to benchmark data and when to make changes
  • Recognize HR metrics as an ongoing effort and challenge that should evolve with the company


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