10 Success Habits of Top Teleprofessionals

You are the hub of the office — the front line of defense. The first person most people come into contact with and the real face of the company. You are vital, and the impression you make absolutely matters!

And you’re also really, really busy. You have to handle a high volume of callers, discovering what — and who — they need, all while juggling the requests of walk-ins, helping internal office staff, completing daily paperwork, and, let’s face it, sometimes even trying to find the answers to questions that are just frankly bizarre. When you spend most of your day on the phone, balancing it all can be a real challenge!

So how do you make sure you always come across as friendly, professional, and helpful on the phone — even when you’re doing a million things and the world around you is begging for your attention?

1. Mission
Your value system and capacity to believe strongly in what you do and who you represent

2. Courage
A tendency to increase determination in the face of resistance, to be direct, to be willing to proactively support that which you believe to be right

thinkstockphotos-1549971483. Persistence
A desire for closure, to see the parts as a whole; a need to stay organized and want the work done right

4. Communication
Your ability to use verbal language to accurately and interestingly convey messages; to be straightforward in meaning and choice of words while holding the attention of your listener

5. Third ear
To perceive accurately the thoughts and feelings of another person; to resist letting words, tone or your experience cloud the intent or meaning of the speaker

6. Desire
To want the approval of other people; the ability to easily and quickly establish credibility and friendship with others

7. Pride
A feeling of importance resulting from certain achievements and recognition; knowing your value to your organization and to those you serve

Soothing Customer Service8. Flexibility
Your ability to change and shift where needed; a drive to try the untried and explore the unexplored

9. Ethics
To be clear on what is right, act on your beliefs and do what you say you will do

10. Motivation
An internal drive toward positivism demonstrated in behavior and attitude

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