Human Factors in Records Management

Is your records management system a strategic business tool or a legal risk?

No one knows better than you that an effective records management system protects your organization and enhances your department’s performance. Yet, meeting federal regulations AND creating a system that works for you can be complex and confusing.

Getting Support for a Records Management System

As with any change, expect some people to be great supporters of the new processes and others to be more resistant. Resistance to change is typically based on fears. These fears might concern loss of control, being out of the loop or more work and responsibility. To help alleviate fears and increase cooperation, consider the following:

Image converted using ifftoany1. Explain the short- and long-term benefits
2. Expect the change to be gradual
3. Provide resources to make the transition easy
4. Involve representatives from every department from the onset
5. Find champions and ask for their support
6. Consider phases of implementation
7. Talk in terms of how each individual’s work will be made easier
8. Devise a system to communicate to all users the additions or changes to the process

What to Include in a Training Manual

1. Purpose of the records management program
2. Laws, regulations and guidelines that impact your organization
3. Company policy
4. Support letter from the president or CEO
thinkstockphotos-4551805555. Staff responsibilities
6. A flowchart of records
7. A map of physical records’ locations
8. Records management procedures (including creation, maintenance, use, disposition
and special media instructions)
9. A file plan and retention schedule
10. How to identify and classify records
11. A list of major record series

The bottom line is this: Your organization can’t afford to have holes in its records management system. Get the information you need to protect and enhance your organization.

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