8 Ways to Show Customers You Care More Than Your Competitors

Customers today have greater demands and higher expectations than ever.No wonder you sometimes feel overwhelmed at the daunting task of providing truly excellent customer service all the time. A great customer experience leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher sales. And that great customer experience begins with your ability to connect and relate to the customer. But how do you do it? How do you develop great rapport with customers — especially when you are competing with other companies to make that connection?

Young woman holding credit card in electronic store, smiling, portraitThese tips will not only boost your day-to-day effectiveness — they will give you a tremendous edge when it comes to giving the superstar performance your customers and organization expect.

1. Send business greeting cards on Thanksgiving, the customer’s birthday, etc.

2. Plan customer events at your business that offer entertainment and social interaction along with samples, coupons, a chance to win something, etc.

3. Send out a monthly e-newsletter with useful and interesting content relevant to your customers’ needs.

4. Set up a referral program that gives customers a discount if they refer someone to you.

5. Send customers thank-you cards or gifts when they make large purchases or donations or when they send you a referral.

6. Send a thank-you to show appreciation for their business after they’ve been with you a certain amount of time.

The best rating, evaluation. Business confident happy woman7. Call or email customers to thank them for using your company and to be sure they continue to be satisfied.

8. Anticipate customer needs even before they do. Consider their prior purchasing behavior—keep track of customers and their purchases in a database so you have an idea of their preferences. Find out about their business so you can recommend new services or products they don’t yet know about.

Learn how to create the kind of service persona that puts customers at ease, earns their trust and makes them feel good — whether on the phone or face to face. Remember! Going the extra mile never goes out of style. So try these strategies in your office, discover how to ramp up your performance to super-star level — and start doing the little things to keep those customers coming back!

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