These Traits Define You as a Leader

Inspirational leaders somehow find a way to get more out of their people than would have seemed possible. No matter the situation, they always get great results, outperforming the competition and surpassing their goals. And when things are bad, no matter how bleak the situation, their team always finds a way to come out on top.

Businessman Speaking at a MeetingYou’ll learn many skills in your career, but the most potent aspect of leadership is accountability. Once you make yourself accountable for your progress and learning, you will excel at any new challenge. Be aware that there is always something new to learn and learning itself is not always an easy process.

The primary leadership characteristics you should develop are vision, integrity and compassion. No leader becomes successful alone; they learn to gain the trust of people through integrity and compassion and then share their vision and inspire others to participate in making the vision a reality.

Leadership qualities:

Man in suit looking through a pair of binocularsEffective leaders have a clear vision of their objectives and how to get there. Leaders are “big picture” thinkers. They are dreamers, but with the knack of getting others to buy into their dreams and participate. Their dreams are grounded in reality; leaders plan and set objectives and establish deadlines for achieving these objectives.


IntegrityIntegrity involves sticking to the “unvarnished truth” regardless of the consequences. Integrity means making restitution for wrongs even though no one asks for restitution. Integrity is honesty and fair play in all of your business dealings.


Businessman showing compassion holding red heart onto his chestThe compassionate leader is by necessity an introspective one. Compassionate leadership demands first looking into your own style or contribution when things go amiss. The compassionate leader exercises all options before issuing reprimands or discharging personnel. He or she recognizes that creating fear in constituents creates stress and reduces productivity immeasurably over a long time. Followers who are afraid of their leaders concentrate on finding an escape route.

No one is really a born leader. You have to learn the skills to help you lead and you have to learn to use your inner strengths as assets, to lead by example and to build strong relationships with others. A good leader is also a good learner and understands that no leader stands alone.

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