Keys to Recruiting and Retaining the Best of Each Generation

You know how valuable your best employees are to your organization, how they keep your organization productive and moving in the right direction. As such, you simply can’t afford to lose them; they are just too valuable. But how do you hang on to your best and brightest employees? How can you keep superstars and the promising stars of tomorrow satisfied and excited about their jobs so that you can keep them?

Businessman holding resume gives interview to femaleAs awareness of cultural diversity builds, you will be able to make diversity more and more a part of your daily management practices. By incorporating their understanding of the values and behaviors of the different generations, managers can adapt their styles to meet their employees’ needs.

General Guideline: Assume the best of people and allow them to prove themselves. Tell people why they were hired, because of the great things they have to offer, and let them fulfill those expectations.

Attributes Silent Generation (Born 1922-1945) Workers Look For

Although the learning curve may be steeper for the Silents in some positions, once they master a job, they have really mastered it. And they put it into the context of greater life experience more than the younger worker.

grandpa djLeadership:
Make sure the leaders of your organization are persons of integrity. Silents will go to battle for someone they trust and respect.

Always let Silents know that they will be valued for their life experiences and knowledge. Demonstrate respect for their achievements.

Attributes Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1955) Look For

Star Status:
At this stage in their careers, Boomers want to know they can excel in your organization. Show them how they can be stars. Remember, Boomers tend to define themselves by their jobs, and they want to be proven as unique.

Boomers need to see where their expertise will be used to make a difference in the organization. Shifts in careers happen now to influence their legacy.

Beyond salary and benefits, Boomers will be interested by what else the job offers. Will they have an office in a nice location? Can they keep their frequent-flier miles? Does the company hold memberships to airport club-rooms?

Attributes Joneses (Born 1956-1965) Look For

This is the time in the life of Joneses when moving up is critical for the later stages of their careers.

Businessman Using Laptop Besides Multiethnic ColleaguesMeaning:
Many Joneses are tired of working to earn and now look for the “meaning” of what they do with their careers and how it can have a positive impact on the world.

Joneses have lived through several job upheavals in the last 20 years. They are now looking for a company’s solvency and stability before they sign on.

Attributes Gen Xers (Born 1966-1976) Look For

Gen Xers are going to want opportunities to experience many different jobs. They like diversity and global perspectives. Lateral moves can be just as exciting as vertical ones.

Gen Xers want to know that your organization is one of a kind. Make sure your organization plays up to its strength and respects ideas from all levels and ages. Play down any remains of the status quo, bureaucracy or hierarchy structures.

Casual Atmosphere:
They want to do their work in a setting that can be fun at the same time. Play up any casual days or events you might hold.

Attributes Gen Yers and Millennials (1977-2000)  Look For

portrait of a group of people standing togetherFlexibility:
Stretch your concepts of scheduling, and focus on getting the work done. Gen Yers need to know they can arrange their work around a possible unorthodox workweek.

Offer Gen Yers older mentors (not a Gen Xer!) who have proven track records of success. They want and demand ongoing training and acquisition of transferable skills.

Gen Yers share with the Joneses the search for meaning in what they do at work. Demonstrate how their work will have an impact on how the organization benefits the community.

Remember: Don’t just promise these attributes, deliver them, or you will lose the best and the brightest!

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