Rewarding High-Level Employees

One of the most effective ways of encouraging people to go the extra mile is to create a challenging and rewarding work environment. When rewards are directly tied to work performance and completing tasks on time, it motivates employees to work harder and achieve superior performance.

But whenever you give everyone the same incentive—the same salary increase, equal recognition or even equal amounts of your time—we call that jellybean motivation. And although this treatment may initially sound fair, it isn’t.

ThinkstockPhotos-71704549Equal rewards actually reduce motivation on the part of both high and low performing employees. The high performing employees aren’t motivated to continue to achieve at a higher level because they know that those who don’t work as hard get the same reward as they do. Those who are low performers aren’t motivated to work harder because they wouldn’t receive any different rewards than they are currently receiving.

The key is to find a way to reward high performers, while motivating those who need to step it up. Try these enticements for your top employees and see if you don’t recognize a difference in your office. 

Choice of recognition
Employees can be given a list of options to choose from such as tickets to sporting events, gift certificates, a trophy or a variety of other recognition options. By allowing the employee to pick their recognition, they will value it more than if they didn’t have the choice.

Giving top achievers extra privileges such as flextime, a special parking location or other privileges is a great way to motivate them to continue to achieve more and more

ThinkstockPhotos-179640507Perks can come in a variety of forms such as free coffee, filtered water, popcorn and other snacks at work. Some perks can even have a direct benefit to the company such as allowing employees to take home computers for both personal and business use.

Your praise
Praising achievers really goes further than most people think. Something as simple as a “thank you” can lift an employee’s spirits and result in greater productivity. Public praise for top achievers is one of the most cost effective motivators you have at your disposal.

Rewarding your high-achievers should be a top priority. Research shows that happy employees who feel appreciated by their managers and companies are far more productive, get better results, and are more loyal to their organizations than their unhappy counterparts. Recognizing and rewarding high-level employees effectively is THE NUMBER ONE thing you can do to improve organizational performance, enhance employee satisfaction, decrease turnover, and build morale.

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