What Facebook Marketing Can Do That Traditional Marketing Can’t

Just about everyone knows you can use social media to make new friends and connect with old classmates. But did you know organizations are using social media platforms such as Facebook to close business, reduce overall marketing costs, generate qualified leads, increase Web site traffic—and make more money?

Internet marketing online business concept on the webSocial media has changed marketing tactics more in the last five years than in the preceding 100 years! So should you pitch your traditional marketing efforts out the window in favor of social media alone? The answer is no. But you do need to integrate it into your current marketing plan. Remember that social media isn’t a marketing strategy—but Facebook is a promotional tool that should be in every smart marketer’s toolbox.

Traditional marketing vehicles include: Direct mail, Web sites, trade shows, broadcast media and print media

Facebook can …

ThinkstockPhotos-163731518— Allow you to interact with your customers and potential customers more often and in real time

— Give you immediate access and widespread reach for your marketing message like never before

— Add a new dimension to your current marketing efforts by integrating your off-line and on-line campaigns

— Cut your marketing costs

Facebook marketing vs. traditional marketing:

  • Traditional marketing, such as TV and radio, forces the advertisement on people and they are interrupted
  • With Facebook marketing, there is no interruption involved. Potential customers choose when, where and if they accept and interact with your product, service or content.
  • Both Facebook and traditional marketing are intended to draw attention from potential customers. However, Facebook has the advantage because it gives customers a voice. People can interact with your business page and with other visitors to it.
  • Traditional marketing follows a one-to-many model. Companies promote their products by TV, radio, newspapers, etc. This is one-way marketing. Companies tell people what they want them to hear, hoping potential customers are listening.
  • Facebook Announces New Launcher Service For Android PhonesFacebook marketing is a many-to-many model. Facebook is interactive. Companies promote their products and services with the customer’s help. Your customer network can serve as free marketing personnel and help you promote your brand because they have tools to connect with you and to voice their opinions much more easily than with traditional marketing.
  • Traditional marketing controls customers in one way or another. Facebook marketing puts consumers in control—and everyone likes to be in control.

You should use Facebook to enhance and reinforce what your customers already think about you. Use that information to guide your approach—whether you focus on a specific product or the entire brand, whether you’re more visual or more information-driven, etc.

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