6 Ways to Get the Axe

ThinkstockPhotos-118415991There are some obvious ways to earn yourself a pink slip. Consistently not showing up, cursing out the boss, or sleeping at your desk are surefire ways to guarantee your spot in the unemployment line.

But you may be engaged in some other not-so-obvious actions that could get you fired just as easily. So if you don’t want to get the boot from your current job, try to avoid the following actions:

1. Frequent Facebook-ing

The fact that your organization doesn’t block social media sites isn’t an open invitation to spend half the day checking your Facebook news-feed. While most organizations tolerate ThinkstockPhotos-76801218an occasional Facebook check, neglecting your job due to social media sites is sure to get you fired. Make sure to familiarize yourself with your company’s social media or Internet usage policy to make sure you’re within the boundaries.

2. Brutal honesty

Sometimes, honesty isn’t the best policy. If you’re frustrated with a coworker or your boss, you may want to keep your negative thoughts to yourself. Telling your boss that he or she has no idea what they’re doing, even if it’s true, is sure to land you in hot water.

3. Leaving when you’re needed most

Everyone needs a break once in a while. But choose your breaks carefully. Taking a vacation in the middle of a big project will not only damage your reputation, it will hurt the rest of your team. Before you book your next getaway, make sure you take off during some downtime.

4. Spreading gossip

ThinkstockPhotos-78776542Every office has a gossip mill. Just don’t get caught operating it. Spreading gossip will not only hurt someone’s feelings, it could hurt your chances of keeping your job. Your best bet is to stay out of it.

5. Disrespecting your boss in front of his or her boss

You want to impress your boss. And your boss has a boss he or she wants to impress too. While you should always respect your supervisor, be on your best behavior when his or her boss is around. Doing your job well reflects positively on your boss, so help make him or her look good. If you don’t, you can be sure you’ll be looking for a new job soon.

6. Constantly complaining

Maybe you’re underpaid. Maybe you think your boss is incompetent. Or maybe you just plain hate your job. Whatever you’re upset about, be careful who you complain to and how often you complain. Coworkers may get sick of hearing it and tell your boss about your negative attitude. Then you may not have a job to complain about.

Even though companies are starting to hire again, jobs are still scarce. It’s in your best interest to keep yours. By avoiding these six actions, your boss will be less likely to send you packing.

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