Webinar Wednesday! Increasing Your Personal Productivity

Are you spending your workday marking off your ‘to-do’ list but feeling like you’re not accomplishing much? Do you practice good time management skills but feel like your work lacks focus? If you want to increase the true payoff from your job and your personal life, you may need to boost your personal productivity. And this engaging new Webinar can help you reach that next level.

Personal productivity involves more than just diligent work habits. It’s about increasing your overall effectiveness by setting concrete, high-payoff goals and taking the steps to achieve them. This dynamic one-hour workshop will enhance the skills you need to improve your performance — and show you how to apply them. You’ll learn how to focus on your most important priorities and take measurable actions to realize them — unlock the keys to assess your emotional intelligence — and improve your interaction with others — gaining respect, communicating assertively and influencing outcomes. Take charge of your personal development and enhance your reputation as an employee committed to growth — starting today!

A Glimpse at You’ll Learn …

Boosting your personal productivity is critical to your success and happiness. Here’s what you’ll learn in just one hour:

  • Identifying what you want and creating a personal vision
  • Setting goals and defining your priorities
  • Finding your primary focus and making a commitment
  • Making a plan of action
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Improving communication and influencing skills
  • Mastering interpersonal skills
  • Thinking and acting creatively

Help Me Become More Productive



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