Five Exercises to Improve Your Mental Flexibility

People with agile minds can adapt to change quickly. They find new ways to solve problems, are more willing to take risks, and cope well with uncertainty and ambiguity.

ThinkstockPhotos-4937244521. Take the opposite point of view. Cats are better than dogs.
Your rival is the better sports team. PCs are better than Macs.
•What strengths can you find in the opposite point of view?
•What weaknesses can you find with your way of thinking?
•How will this exercise help you approach issues more effectively?

2. Identify places where you can compromise.
•Where can you release control?
•Where do you not have to be right?
•Where can you accept that “good enough” is better than “perfect”?

3. Change your routine.
•Selesb10067679aj-001ct five ways to change your morning routine.
•Write down everything that you noticed or learned from the experience.
•Find five more ways to change your routine next week.

4. Learn from a shoulder stretch.
•List what felt good about the stretch.
•List what felt uncomfortable about the stretch.
•List ways to improve the experience.

5. Learn from your mistakes.
•Reflect on what went wrong.
•Reflect on what you can do differently.

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