New Webinar on STAR12! How to Conduct Effective Interviews

online trainingIf your interviewing skills aren’t strong, you’re at risk for making a costly, painful hiring mistake!
No doubt about it: The ability to make smart hiring decisions is the #1 skill every manager must master. After all, qualified employees drive your success … and unqualified employees can cost your organization thousands, which is why your interviewing skills must be razor-sharp.

This incredible webinar gives you the practical how-to’s and proven strategies you need to fully command every interview you conduct from now on. You’ll discover how to read between the lines to accurately assess the candidate’s experience, work ethic, abilities, and commitment level. You’ll learn how to ask probing questions that will reveal potential weaknesses. In short, you’ll master the no-nonsense how-to’s of interviewing that will send your hiring confidence skyrocketing!

Don’t make a hiring blunder you’ll always regret!
When you make a bad hiring decision, everyone notices. Your boss. Your colleagues. Your employees. It’s not just horribly embarrassing, it’s a complete waste of your time and your organization’s money.

FACT: A hiring error on your part could cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars! Yikes!

When it comes to interviewing, you simply cannot rely on “winging it” — it’ll only land you in trouble. Get the know-how you need to make on-target hiring decisions. This training is 100 percent guaranteed to make you a more effective interviewer.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

A Blueprint for Successful Interviewing

  • The interview plan: how to stop “winging it” and start preparing
  • Putting the applicant at ease so you can get better information
  • Why the less you talk, the better

Questioning Strategies That Produce Super Results

  • How to develop questions that elicit the information you need
  • Clever ways to assess the candidate’s skills, attitude, and commitment
  • Picking up on behavioral red flags
  • How to get candidates to demonstrate their skills rather than just describe them
  • Techniques for staying in control of the interview so you don’t lose focus
  • Examples of what to ask — questions that help you assess the most common traits employers want from employees, including flexibility, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work well with others

Help My Interviewing Skills


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