New Webinar on STAR12! How to Effectively Handle Customer Complaints

online trainingGain powerful, creative strategies for handling complaints and maximizing customer retention

Fielding complaints can be the hardest part of working with customers.

It’s frustrating, stressful, and difficult. You never know when a complaint will happen, how angry the customer will be, how large the problem will be, or if you can even come up with a solution.

What makes your job even tougher: Today’s customers are smarter and more demanding than ever! If they feel like they aren’t being heard or getting the solutions they want, they’ll go somewhere else and take everyone they know with them.

Effectively handling and resolving customer complaints is vital to your organization’s success. That’s why How to Effectively Handle Customer Complaints will be the most important training you’ll get this year!

You’ll get proven steps and techniques for handling customer complaints quickly and effectively — and build unbreakable customer loyalty in the process! What’s more, you’ll have the skills you need to think quickly and confidently on your feet. You’ll be amazed at how much happier you AND your customers will be.

Don’t miss this truly unique opportunity to gain skills that’ll help you transform your unhappy customers into your biggest fans. Register for this webinar right now!

Angry customers tell up to 20 OTHER PEOPLE when they are unhappy about the service they receive!

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

Attractive Businesswoman with Phone HeadsetDefusing the Situation

  • Specific phrases you can say to calm different types of customers
  • Convincing customers you can and will do something to solve their problems
  • Cutting through emotions to get the facts you need to solve the problem
  • Ensuring the customer feels “heard” and why it’s essential for resolving the complaint

Resolving the Complaint

  • Defining the problem and its complexity
  • How optioning can help you solve their problems and retain them as customers
  • Dealing with customers who only want to talk management
  • Tactfully handling a situation when the customer caused the problem
  • How to avoid getting drawn into an argument

Operation Recovery

  • Step-by-step actions you must take to regain a customer’s trust and dedication
  • Show customers you sincerely value their business, without sounding sappy or melodramatic
  • 4 phrases that let customers know their satisfaction is and remains your top priority
  • Why complaining customers are valuable resources … and how to reward them


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