White Paper: Predictive Assessments For New Managers

An organization’s ability to successfully transition new management talent has never been more important. With the ongoing exodus of retired baby boomers from the work force, the constant demands in a difficult economic climate, and the ever-changing nature of technology and information, getting new managers up to speed quickly and efficiently can be the difference between success and failure.

new managerThis is a problem that forward-thinking businesses are trying to solve right now. In 2013 alone, American companies invested over $140 billion in training and development, with one-eighth of that amount dedicated to managerial and supervisory skill development. And yet, despite this massive investment, an estimated 50 percent of all first-time managers fail!

Why is that? And what can you do as a training director to prevent that failure rate in your organization?

The answer lies in a new way to prepare and develop new managers based on personalized training using Predictive Assessments. By utilizing these new predictive assessment tools, organizations are now able to identify specific potential challenges for a new manager. Using that data to craft an individualized development plan, organizations can realize:

  • Lower training costs for new managers
  • Accelerated time frame to prepare new managers
  • Higher new manager success rates
  • Better anticipation of performance challenges

More relevant performance reviews and future development conversations Perhaps never before has an organization’s ability to bring new management talent on line quickly been as important. By using predictive testing, you can help ensure that your organization has the management talent it needs to execute both today and tomorrow. Furthermore, you can do so in a way that fits your training budget, even if you are in a smaller organization.

This white paper will show you how.

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