Monday Motivation: Make Office Politics Fun

Motivation Tips

We spend so much time at work; our experience can only be better if the environment is low-stress and positive.

To play a positive office politics game, use the tips below:

  • Ask respected senior managers for advice from time to time; this helps them see
    you as someone they mentor and who is interested in growing.
  • Take on high-profile, high-impact tasks and projects, and make sure others know
    you do the work.
  • Play nice and give others a hand when they need it, and be generous with thanks
    when you are on the receiving end of help.
  • Lighten up and be accepting of others.
  • Don’t gossip.
  • Squelch any meanspirited behavior or comments you hear.

You will benefit personally by implementing these tips as a manager, and you will also set an example for how you expect others to treat you and to behave themselves.

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