Case Study: Employee Training for American Dairy Association

Executive Summary
The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that works to increase the demand for U.S.-produced dairy products on behalf of New York, northern New Jersey, and northeastern Pennsylvania dairy farmers. They utilize education and promotional efforts to reach consumers of all ages and inform them of the health benefits of dairy products and the importance of the dairy industry to the country’s economy.

American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc.American Dairy Case Study


Training for Career Success
In order to improve employee job performance, the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council (ADADC) sought to provide employees with continual training. It needed both on-site training options, as well as an online training solution accessible throughout a three-state area.

After reviewing several options, the ADADC chose to work with NST because of the ability to provide on-site training programs in addition to online training through the STAR12 program.

“We made this decision because of the STAR12 program and the pricing structure,” Joanne Tills, chief operating officer of the ADADC, said. “NST offered a wide variety of programs and online webinars and references that would be beneficial to all staff members. The online 24/7 training through STAR12 is beneficial to us because many of our employees are road warriors, and this allows them greater opportunities for training.”

Using STAR12, ADADC employees have unlimited access to an array of training options. From communication skills to Microsoft programs and everything in between, ADADC employees can immediately access training that targets their core responsibilities.

“We have a very diverse staff in regards to the positions each one fills, and National Seminars has been able to provide training to meet each of their requirements,” Tills said.


Reaching Results
Since implementing STAR12 and on-site training, the ADADC has experienced increased employee interest in training. “We have more group training opportunities now with the NST’s on-site training o

employee trainingptions,” Tills said. “That has led to more interest in additional training opportunities, and since STAR12 is available to employees 24/7, it is a great resource.”

With the success ADADC has experienced, it plans to continue moving forward with STAR12. ADADC continues to add new members and is finding ways to further expand training opportunities beyond just direct employees.

“We plan on continuing to offer the STAR12 program and to utilize on-site speaker programs for not only staff but other groups that our organization presents to,” Tills said. “We have used one NST speaker in training that we do for NYC SchoolFood and an upcoming training with various health professionals.”


Conquering the Challenges
One of the main challenges ADADC faced when implementing its training program was communicating the benefits of training to employees and encouraging them to utilize their new training opportunities.

“A hurdle we faced was trying to activate all of our employees to use the STAR12 training. We have some who are using it to its fullest, and we have others who have not,” said Tills.

To help with implementation, NST introduced STAR12 to the organization through a tour of the STAR12 member site. The tour explained the workings of the platforms, and system reporting was set up to help ADADC track progress and usage for various topics. ADADC reviews employee usage at senior management meetings so management can encourage employees to utilize the system and experience the benefits of training for performance improvement.

To further increase employee buy-in for the training, ADADC encourages employees to get involved with the training development for their positions. As employees take the training courses, they report back on the materials, what they have learned, and how it fits with their job duties, which helps ADADC determine if the training topic is of use for that position.


Why Choose STAR12 and NST?
The ADADC chose to work with NST because it offered a cost-effective training solution that improves the performance and efficiency of its staff. The flexibility of the training program was also beneficial, constantly adapting to fit evolving business needs.

“If we see a need for additional training at ADADC, we look at what STAR12 has to offer in that area, and if there is a fit, it becomes required employee development,” Tills said. “We have been provided a very attentive support system, and our account representative has been very helpful and knowledgeable.”


About STAR12 and NST
STAR12 offers unlimited access for an entire year to every live seminar produced by NST. In the last year, more than 11,000 seminars were offered in more than 350 locations throughout the United States and Canada, and members can attend seminars in their immediate area or anywhere training is provided in North America. Members also receive unlimited 24/7 access to the STAR12 online learning collection of training tools, videos, skill assessments, and more.


American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc.American Dairy Case Study

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