E Tips: How to Connect Goals to Performance


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If you want your staff to perform at top levels, if you want them to reach new heights, then it’s your duty as a manager to set lofty goals for them. But this can be a double-edged sword. Set them too high and you risk discouragement. Set them too low and work ethic might suffer.

How do you set them just high enough, but not too high, to encourage your employees to stretch and achieve their very best? You’ll find out with Creating Stretch Goals That Challenge and Motivate Employees.

This one-hour program was specifically designed to show you how to set goals that will get the absolute best results possible from your team.

  • Recognize What Gets in the Way of Achieving Goals — How to Establish Priorities for All
  • Take Action: How to Help Employees Stop the Obsession of Procrastination
  • How to Communicate a Vision That Keep Employees Moving Toward the End Goal
  • Delegation Methods That Will Help Employees Declutter and Focus
  • Five Methods for Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities
  • Techniques for Success — How to Use a Planner and Store Notes That Are Easily Retrievable
  • Motivational Techniques That Will Push Employees to Reach Organizational and Personal Goals and Objectives
  • Learn Why Feedback Is One of the Most Important Management Tools in the Goal-Setting Process
  • The Role Model Concept: How It Aids in Motivational Goal-Setting


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