Monday Motivation: Remember Their Names!


It has been said that there is nothing sweeter for a person to hear than the sound of his or her own name. Remembering and using people’s names will make them feel acknowledged and important. Certainly, remember the names of individuals you supervise as well as senior managers and peers; but also remember names of the family members of these individuals.

Tips to Remember Names:
• Listen when introduced to the person.
• Look at the person and make an association between his or her name and something else.
• Exaggerate in the association.
• Repeat this silently to yourself.
• Use the person’s name in the conversation.

For example, you work with Margaret and run into her and her husband in the tool store one Saturday. She introduces you to her husband, Jim. While shaking his hand you say, “Nice to meet you, Jim.” Make the association that Jim is tall and slim, then exaggerate and repeat. Follow up on Monday with Margaret, asking her how the project she and Jim were working on turned out.

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