NST E-Tips: Gestures Do’s and Don’ts

Do you feel awkward when giving a presentation? Never know what to do with your hands during that big report? Body language is a key component to career success. What you are saying (or NOT saying) with your body language can affect the way people view you in the workplace.


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Master the Secrets of Persuasive Communication

No matter what your job is, your success is tied to your ability to influence others.

The most successful people on the planet have one thing in common: They know how to get others to see things from their points of view.

Persuasive communicators are seen as confident, tactful, and credible. They’re likeable. And they’re more effective.

Improve your persuasive communication skills — and your life gets EASIER!

Think of the tremendous benefits associated with becoming a more persuasive communicator. Imagine a life where you’ll …

  • Spend less time and frustration working through disagreements with coworkers
  • Find it easier to enlist support for your new ideas and projects
  • Negotiate better terms for anything you buy (for work or for yourself!)
  • Close critical deals with clients, customers, and vendors more easily
  • Receive more promotions and raises for your exceptional on-the-job efforts

And that’s just for starters. Learning how to be a compelling, persuasive communicator will open new paths for you that you probably can’t even imagine. Bottom line: You’ll experience less stress, less frustration, and more of what you want in your life. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The secret to getting what you want more often: persuasion!

Now — to be perfectly honest — we’re not promising that we can show you how to persuade others to give you anything you want, or that you’ll always win every argument from now on. That’s not realistic.

But you will master simple yet effective techniques that will increase your ability to dramatically influence others. Which means you’ll get your way more often.

So no matter how shy or communicatively awkward you might feel you are … the skills you’ll learn in this powerful Conference are sure to make you a more credible, confident, persuasive communicator the very next day. Guaranteed!

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