E-Tip of the Week: Management Car Wash


Wash your hands of all your employees … and their bumpers … hoods… tires … windows and more!


Have management offer a free car wash in the parking lot to all employees. With all the competing demands of life, getting a car washed isn’t always first on the list for many people.

Have several managers volunteer to spend a few hours washing employees’ cars. Not only are employees getting a task taken care of, but managers get to show employees that they care about their quality of life and are willing to give in a fun way. It is the ultimate of management showing appreciation. This can be done in conjunction with a potluck or barbecue.

It also makes a fun story for employees to tell others, furthering the reputation of your company as employee-friendly.

Don’t forget to have someone take photos to post on a bulletin board or the intranet!


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