Create a Customized “Wall of Fame” In Your Office







 Create a Customized “Wall of Fame” in your office

For managers and supervisors with limited budgets – or NO budgets! – it takes nothing to create a Wall of Fame in your office. And it’s a great way for your employees to recognize each other and their hard work.

  • Post a public bulletin board where peers praise each other and managers post praise for employees.
  • Keep some index cards or sticky notes and pens nearby so that quick comments can be jotted down and posted easily.
  • Put a reminder in your calendar to post recognition on the Wall of Fame every week. It is up to you to keep this effort constant.

Make an effort to keep this current and fresh. Send out teasers via email like this: “Someone new is on the Wall of Fame … is it you?” You can also send an email to others in your organization to come in and take a look at your wall. Nothing thrills
an employee (or you) more than having the CEO stroll down for a few minutes and take notice of what’s being done in the department.

Spice up the bulletin board with photos. Catch employees doing something right or having fun and snap a photo. Post these on the Wall of Fame as well. You can also put up work samples that go above and beyond great.

Study after study on employee motivation shows that praise and recognition like this is worth more to most employees than money.

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