4 Ways to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

By Krisen Vennum for forbes.com


Take note: the traditional CMO has been put on the endangered species list. In fact, some have already declared this thinning breed extinct. Thanks to the digital revolution, customers are firmly in control. They want what they want, when they want it. And if they fail to get it, they will tell all their friends and followers on social media how they feel.

No longer able to compete by having the best service, product or price, CMOs need to find new ways to reach their customers — and keep them. Traditional marketing levers such as print and broadcast media are still relevant. But to reach today’s consumer, they need to do more. CMOs need to own the customer experience, both within marketing and across the enterprise.

CMOs and their marketing teams need to be constantly learning about the rapidly evolving technologies that enable them to provide the best experience at scale. CMOs also need to step out of their creative comfort zone and embrace the analytical activities that measure the voice of the customer and then use the digital data that customers provide to strengthen strategic decision-making and add value across the organization.

If the CMO fails to deliver, companies are creating the Chief Experience Officer (CXO)/Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) role — often outside of marketing — to cover the gaps.

However, rather than having the CMO and CXO/CCO compete for customer experience supremacy, organizations looking to use the customer experience as a differentiator would be better served finding synergies between the CMO and CXO/CCO to create that awesome customer experience — and a competitive edge.

In particular, there are four areas where the CMO and CXO/CCO can collaborate to create a synergistic marketing environment:

1. Measure the customer experience. Companies need to explore what drives the most engaged customers. Based on the drivers identified, companies can then establish metrics against which to analyze and measure performance.

2. Elevate the role of the CXO/CCO. CMOs and CXO/CCOs need to work together to determine how best to integrate a new digital experience into more traditional marketing efforts. Use marketing’s insights on the customer to make operational improvements that can drive the customer experience from brand through billing.

3. Make the customer experience everyone’s job. Every touchpoint the company has with the customer needs to reflect that the customer is in charge. The CMO can help the CXO/CCO create a culture that more effectively controls these touchpoints and, ultimately, the customer experience.

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