Leaders Expect Everyone to Be Creative

Have you noticed a level of resistance from others when you suggest they get out of their comfort zone or think outside of the box?

Most people are comfortable where they are because they’re operating within their competence and personal confidence.  Encouraging them to be more creative or to change, is about as frightening to them as being pushed into the deep end of the pool before they’ve learned how to swim.  

A small percentage of people enjoy the thrill of exploring new ideas.  The majority are hesitant to take the risk for fear of failing.  They have also come to believe that they don’t have the skills to be innovative.  But that isn’t true.

Can everyone be creative?

I would say that the answer is an emphatic,YES!

That is why I’ve created our brand new seminar:


If you want to get out of the box results – spark your teams creative thinking with this seminar.

This program is designed to spark a process that helps the majority of employees to rediscover creativity and to embrace change.   What if we designed an approach to creative development and change management that was less threatening?  

It is vital that leaders provide an environment for personal and professional growth in the arena of creative thinking.

Forbes Magazine published an article titled The Secret to Unleashing Genuis.  It highlights the importance of building the creative capabilities of others.  They interviewed Marc Benioff (founder of Saleforce) and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.  Both stated that the success of their companies is directly related to the expectations of creating a culture of creative thinking.

“I can’t do it all. I don’t have all the ideas. That isn’t my job. My job is to build a culture of innovation. That’s something that we try to enforce. We encourage it. We value it. We notice it. We compensate for it. We require it.” – Benioff 

In contrast, the article also highlighted that “10% to 15% of the most innovative leaders in the world don’t bother to encourage the people around them to innovate…. These leaders often believe their ideas are so much better than their colleagues’ that they see little value in building talent around them.”  That mindset is short sighted.  

Your goal as a leader should be to create the culture that inspires your employees to be a part of the next great idea!

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