25 Pics Showing Height of Laziness

By Andrew Johnson for Best PSD to HTML

At times, we do not feel like doing anything, but just sticking to the place where we are. And it Happens especially on Mondays, when you have to rush to the office after a great weekend and you start getting creative ideas out of your devil mind to get over indolence. This gives birth to several shortcuts and innovative fixes for your work. 

A quote says Efficiency is intelligent laziness, this proves to be true when you get some mind-boggling ideas to complete your tasks without lifting your bum. Bill Gates used such idea of choosing a lazy person for a difficult job, because he would find an easy way to complete it!!

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Here, we have some highly innovative and ridiculous cases showing height of laziness. Check out!!

BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Apple with sticker
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Ash tray
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-bulk trash
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Car on deserted island
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Computer guy
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Crowded escalator
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Egg cracker
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Etc. clock
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Lazy fireman
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Fitness esclator
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Flashlights for headlight
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Hands-free cell phone
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Height of laziness
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Impact of laziness on freezer
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-lazy bird on bird
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-lazy dog walker
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Doorstop

BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-lazy mow lawn
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Toilet paper roll
BestPSDtoHTML-Laziness pictures-Roadkill paint

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