Training Seminar at a Top Financial Institution


How To Be An Outstanding Communicator

This was BY FAR the BEST class I have taken.  The instructor was FANTASTIC!!!  I would love to know if she will be teaching in other classes, as I would sign up immediately.  The material was relevant, impactful and will be put to use right away!  I think this should be a required class at (work), and at the very least all of (the department) should take it.  It would help us all in dealing with our customers across the company. And Lo (the instructor) should teach it.  She has changed my life!

This class was all about how to inspire people to cooperate and engage with you. The three main things I got from the class were as follows:

Personality types:

  • The biggest portion of the class was doing an abbreviated DISC profile, which shows the four personality types, and then how to work with each type depending on what type you are.  It is much easier to decipher than the Personalysis in a shorter amount of time.  We did several exercises that allowed us to practice. We learned the Fears, Frustrations and Motivations of each of the four types. I will be using the skills I learned in every aspect of my work and personal life.

Body Language:

  • 65% of what people think of you comes from their eyes.  Body language is a critical aspect to better listening.  We learned techniques to that show via body language that we are better listeners which in turn makes us more effective collaborators, employees, bosses, colleagues, etc.

Steps to Better Listening:

  • She shared four steps to better listening. 90% of the time we are thinking about ourselves, how we are going to respond to what the other person is saying, etc.  The four steps to better listening makes sure that we understand what is being said/requested and that we respond accordingly.

All of this seems like it should be second nature, but it is not. Based on a person’s Influences (programming, beliefs, attitudes, feeling and behaviors) each of us comes to the table with a different set of preconceptions, prejudices, perceptions and expectations.  This class broke down those walls and will allow us to be better communicators and as a result better people.


All of these skills transfer to our personal lives as well.  We used examples of interacting with children, spouses, etc. It makes so much sense!


This class was fantastic and I recommend that the team(s) take it!


Thanks!  Allison

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