Mary’s Success Story

What was the first thing you did with STAR12?  

I attended the Women’s Conference. It was amazing. The choice of subjects was great – just wish I could have taken them all!


Describe your work life before STAR12

I was a bit less inclined to participate in meetings or lead projects because I wasn’t really confident. I needed the “Dr. Kim” experience to find my voice. Thank you STAR12!


What did you hope to accomplish with STAR12?

I wanted to attend several live seminars and with STAR12, I have unlimited seminars. I have made use of the on-line courses, live and on demand webinars and seminars, the tip sheets and the quick videos. STAR12 is a ready reference for updates and new topics.


Why did you join STAR12?

Initially, my supervisor made the request and my agency signed up several people in my office. When the agency decided not to renew, I paid out of pocket to retain the STAR12 membership. It was just too valuable for me to lose it.


What advice would you give to someone else to use STAR12 to its fullest?  

The selling point at first is the live seminars. You can’t beat that deal anywhere. I call the on-demand training a super bonus. You can print the reference material or save it to your files. The sheer volume of material on a wide variety of topics is awesome. STAR12 has detailed learning, subject overviews, quick tips, hour long subjects that can be shared over lunch by the member with their team. My best advice ….. GET STAR12 – NOW!!!!!!


What are your favorite features of STAR12? 

I love the STAR12 live and on demand webinars. I can download the courses and reference material to see when I can’t get on-line. I view the short videos and quick tips during commercials while watching TV. The full courses are broken into units that I can keep going over unitl I get it. It’s like personalized training at my speed. STAR12 is a good fit for me in my work & personal time.


What have you accomplished since joining STAR12?

Through STAR12, I have improved my written and verbal communication, have a better understanding of the psychology of office relationships & politics, I can work with EXCEL formulas (YAY), and I have shared my webinars with co-workers (great for developing teams and pleasing supervisors!).


Describe your work life after STAR12 

STAR12 has made me more proficient in MICROSOFT Office applications. I gained insight in communication styles with both the general classes and the classes geared toward communication skills for women. I believe that STAR12 has helped me to increase my value to my agency.






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